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Energy Saving Solutions

Power solution services is the authorized dealer of ALBION TECH (INDIA)and deals in energy saving products. We have proven track record in energy saving measures and established credentials across the process industry like Pharma, Cement, Paper, Glass, Steel, Fiber to name a few.

Energy saving products: Applicable Temperature Range: -100 C to 1800 C covering 28 products, developed by NASA scientist. 

Energy Saving Solutions

The products are in the form of paint which contain imported Ceramic Micro spheres which are used by NASA for making tiles to cover space shuttles for thermal insulation which are hollow and having vacuum inside.

  • The heat in sunlight is mainly due to radiation, The conduction and convection are secondary which transfers such generated heat.
  • Conventional insulating products are designed to prevent conduction and convection i.e. only 30% of heat.
  • AU INSULMIX/HRTI is the only product which takes care of radiation i.e. 70% of heat generated and blocks it up to 97%.

Energy Saving Products available for different Applications.

Thermal Insulation Products                                         Anti Corrosion Products, etc

Chemical Resistant Products                                        Water Proofing Products

Heat Resistant Products                                                 Anti Corrosion Products, etc

The application of our various products used in different type of industries as per the desired utility with the achieved performance parameters.

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