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Network Power Switch


The Liebert NPS is a fast static transfer switching device between two input power sources, that ensures continuous, high-availability dual-input power supply to your equipment. Its slim 2U case, designed for rack mount applications, is capable of supporting loads up to 6kVA of power at 230V or 25 Amps, and features a hot swappable bypass module. .

Network Power Switch


For redundant operation of two UPS just connect input of the two UPS to the mains input. Connect the output of each UPS to the 2 inputs of the NPS. In case one UPS should fail the NPS will automatically switch to the second UPS source, ensuring the load will stay online.

When using a Generator Set as an alternative source, running in parallel with the mains utility supply: connect one NPS input to the Mains and the other NPS input to the Generator source. Use a UPS between the Generator an the NPS input to regulate the Generator frequency/voltage and to allow for start up of Generator in case of Main Power failure. When Mains Power fails, the NPS automatically switches to the Generator source starting up at first on UPS Battery Power and then, when the Generator engine is online, transferring the load to the Generator supply.

When you require to perform maintenance to your input source, the NPS also allows for manual switching to a second source, becoming a practical maintenance bypass. The load is transferred to the second source and the main power source can be disconnected without affecting the load.

For maintenance reasons, the NPS features also a hot swap electronic module, which can be extracted without affecting the load.

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